Should the elderly receive free bus rides?

This prompt implies elderly are somehow higher in society than youngster. Why should elders get free bus rides? Are all elderly poor? Should all elderly be respected simply because they’ve lived longer? In society, people are supposed to respect elders because they have wisdom because they’ve lived and seen so many things. The problem is the world elders grew up in and remember is simply too different from today’s world. Logic that worked back then can’t always be used today. Also, do people think that if a child that has stupid and hateful views, when he hits the ripe age of 65 he’ll suddenly be graced with wisdom? If anything, respect should be given to people based on their intelligence, morals, and actions, not age. What makes the aged so different from all other people so that they should get free bus rides?


90 thoughts on “Should the elderly receive free bus rides?

  1. I think you are all wrong. Elderly people need buses for the simple fact that we need fewer of them driving. It’s not because they are wiser or have brittle bones. It’s the fact that when they drive their actions are less augmented like some of the less older drivers. i.e. I was driving home one day in the rain and lightning struck the ground. An old person next to me panicked and slammed into my side, I guess avoiding lighting?! Now I must admit it was a loud crash, and it had my heart thumping. However tires are electric insulators thus deeming this persons vehicle safe. Out of all the confusion he simply made an illegal left turn and became invisible to my sight. after that day I learned two things about the old ones: they are not thinking about others on the road when they make decisions, and two they are simply ninjas wishing to strike me when i least expect it. In short they should be allowed to ride the bus for free allowing safer roads and fewer accidents.–
    That is all.

  2. I am an elderly woman and when you turn 124, then call me back. I can hardly get on the bus, let alone get the money out of my old lady purse. You think that all you younglings are all so special. Let me tell you this all of you shouldnt even be allowed on the bus.

    • First of all, the statement is discriminatory, because not every old person can’t move well, and not every youngster can move well. Even if there was a certain group that couldn’t move well, why in the world would they get free bus tickets? Are you saying if somebody could move well, than they wouldn’t need to pay for bus tickets and they could just run the miles that the bus would transport them? The issue isn’t about actually moving, it’s about the financial advantage seniors would get that is unjust.

  3. The elderly came into the world before you, lived more years in this world before you, were the one’s who raised your parents and the people who are teachers, doctors, engineers, etc. today. They are more mature than you, give you the BEST advice, and know what’s best for you. Can’t you have a little thanks for what they did? Can’t you appreciate what the sacrifices they did in their young age to make sure you had the best education and life today? Can’t you have any gratitude? They were the one’s who made life today. All the hard work and you can’t even let them have free bus rides? Whatever they did to make to sure you are living as you are today isn’t even enough to the little thanks you do in return as a free bus ride.

    • Sure they came before me and lived there lives which subsequently lead to what my life is like, but that doesn’t automatically make them any more “wise” or anymore mature than a youngster like me. I dare say their performance wasn’t as amazing as one might assume from your description, but that’s neither here nor there. In my experience, most of the elderly people are out of touch with modern day reality and only yearn for the days when they understood everything and could be considered modern or intelligent, but they just stop interacting with the modern day. Consequently, their advice is not the most logical pathway of action, and they don’t know whats best for me. And you say I should appreciate what they did for me. For MEEEEE? Everything they did was for ME? They worked hard and earned money for ME? When you do work are you doing everything for the future generation? Isn’t it pretty arrogant to claim everything the last generation did was simply for your generation? I mean sure, there were some people truly looking out for the future of mankind, and I understand that, but to claim that the whole generation worked and sacrificed themselves for my generation is extremely foolish. Sure they made life today, but they didn’t make life today for us, they made life today through their search of happiness, and even if every single one of them did, that’s like throwing away all your money for a charity and then expecting the charity to give said person stuff for giving them money. Unless it was previously stated, such action would be absurd. Even after saying all that, in the end it doesn’t matter. This has nothing to do with the issue. The issue is why do they deserve free bus rides. Even if every single senior citizen was wiser, more mature, and smarter than every single other person, why should they get free bus rides? Shouldn’t everybody be treated equally? Why should tax dollars be taken and spent on people who aren’t necessarily poor and don’t necessarily need it? My point is age shouldn’t be a factor when it comes to charity or helping people, it should be based on something actually reasonable, like how rich or poor someone is.

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