Should school athletes have to be on the honor roll to play in games?

School athletes shouldn’t need to have good grades to play in sports.  While it may be possible creating this rule would give students the incentive to get better grades, it also could discourage athletes from playing their sport.  A rule like this assumes grades are more important than sports.  This may be true and might help people’s futures, but you can’t apply a rule and force it on everybody if it only helps some people.  Not all people’s futures lie with knowledge.  There’s multiple ways to succeed in life and not all of them need good grades.  Furthermore, if an athlete was kicked off a sport’s team because of low grades, how likely is it that he will apply his new found time on improving his grades.  It’s quite possible he would forget his grades, forgets his sport, and lead a life of failure.


49 thoughts on “Should school athletes have to be on the honor roll to play in games?

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  2. it does matter what r u talkin about. most of the people today are more concerned about their educational carrer than whether they can shoot a basket. besides anyway league officials also look at ur grades and degrres.

          • Yo, “Anonymous”, I’m pretty sure you’re like a 10 year old. There’s no such thing as grammar school. There is, but how do you even know he went to grammar school? Another thing bro, GET A LIFE, AND THAT INCLUDES A NAME. By the way bro, I like roasted chicken, but not the one “named” Anonymous. LOL, get rekted.

            • Besides, Doodle Up has a reasonable answer. You, you tryna roast him, it doesn’t make sense. “Go back to grammar school”? What? About you saying “I agree, because you need to go back to grammar school to fix what you just replied.”. It’s called “he has spelling errors”. Go back and read Doodle Up’s comment. You can see he MISPELLED “degrees” wrong. He still has a reasonable answer, unlike you. You just wanna roast someone, have them read it, and be satisfied. I’m satisfied because I’m roasting you right now. I’m being reasonable, go back and read the beginning again. You have to admit I am being reasonable.

  3. I dont think kids should have to be on the honor roll they have a lot to worry about already thats just dumb to ask that much of them and push them to their fullest degree in the sport they star in…

  4. This is completely wrong they really should be on honor roll because they would lead a much better life, a better future, and they would have better chances at receiving college scholarships for either academics or their sport or maybe even both. Look at the positives. Their grades are an important part of their future life too! Besides if they really truly love their sport they would do everything to keep those grades right, DETERMINATION, but thats only if they love what they do, if not its not really that important.

    • What about the people who aren’t Einstein ? Forcing them to get honor roll just to play a sport can cause many to drop out, because they’ll think well hey if I can’t get honor roll to play sports no point of me trying.

    • i agree with that because it shouldnt matter if they have bad grades why cant they wait to see if their grades get better by them playing sports

  5. i dont think althletes should be in th honor roll, probably half of the nfl players wouldnt be able to make the nfl!!!!!

  6. i am the best and beatiful, but i think they shouldnt be on the honor roll to play in games because if alot of people didnt make it to the honor roll, sports will be nothing without players

    • Okay, so a football star should be more concerned with how well he can factor a polynomial over how well he can play in his profession? You don’t get to choose what paths people take in their lives. The most you can do is offer the path that you see is best and suggest that they take it, but you can’t force people to do useless stuff. It’s obvious? I noticed you didn’t reply to any of my reasons or arguments, Until I find a suitable reason to change my mind, I won’t change my mind by sleeping on it. Thanks for commenting.

      • true, but there is always the chance that the football star won’t make it to professional level, what will he do then? He won’t have the education to find a good job. Its good to have a back up plan. and hes a student athlete, notice how student comes before athlete.

        • Do you not understand the point of the post? You don’t get to force people down paths they don’t want to take. You can’t tell someone you HAVE to learn something that isn’t related to their planned future. You can suggest they get good grades for a back up plan all you want, but if they still decide they won’t, you can’t do anything about it and they can either become an athlete or be immensely unsuccessful at life do to their decision. To say you don’t always have a chance at football star also applies to any other job. You don’t always have a chance at becoming a scientist, but you shouldn’t be forced to learn history if you decide you only want to learn science.

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