In the near future, robots with human characteristics will become more and more common in the world.  As scientific knowledge and engineering capacity increase, robots will be given more human traits, as displayed in the different robots being developed in Japan.  It is quite possible in the future there will come a point when robots not only are like humans, but they become better than humans.  They might no longer have human imperfections and be able to detect minuscule changes in facial expressions, chemical imbalances, or temperature differences and know how best to react to such mood swings in humans.  They might have a greater sense of morality.  These perfect traits could discourage human interaction.  After all, why would you interact with something that’s imperfect when you could just as easily interact with someone that understands you and won’t betray you.  Is a lack of human interaction necessarily a bad thing though?  At that point in time will the world need human interaction?  Work could all likely be done using robots.  You have all the company you need with a human-like robot.  Change scares people, as it rightfully should, but would a society run without human interaction be so bad?


2 thoughts on “Robots

  1. “It is quite possible that in the future the time will come when robots are not only like humans, but they become better than humans.” (rewrote to sound more fluid)

  2. Human is a complicated spicy with emotion and especially each individual has his/her own character. A world without variety and everything goes as planned will be too simple and boring, isn’t it?


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