Should America convert to the metric system?

Of course.  The only things America succeeds in doing by not using the metric system is causing a hassle when we interact with another culture and being a reason for why America is the greatest country in the world for stupid people.  People could say just because everyone uses something, in this case metric system, doesn’t mean you should too.  This is a stupid reason.  Metrics is used worldwide, so converting would help cultural diffusion (not sure if that term is used correctly), metrics is used all over the scientific community, so American scientists wouldn’t be affected by a change, and it’s just so much simpler and easier to work with than the customary system.  Throughout all measurements everything is based off the number ten.  All measurement systems use similar prefixes that determine how large an unit of measure is.  The current American version requires everything to have strange conversion multiples, like 12 inches, 3 yards, 1760 yards, 3 teaspoons, 16 ounces, ect.  The only thing that would be affected by a change would be common place Americans that really wouldn’t have much affect on society if such a small change would be made, and most of them would adapt to the change within weeks of the change.


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