Should students as young as fourteen be allowed to hold jobs?

Why not?  What’s wrong with having children work?  There are numerous benefits and not many bad side effects.  You could make an argument that children could be exposed to harmful substances or something of that sort, but so what?  How is that any different from adults being exposed to harmful substances?  Any kind of work should have its own guidelines and safety precautions to prevent danger, and even if a child is injured somehow, how is that different from an adult being injured?  If there is a physiological distinction that creates a different circumstance for children, sure, they might have to take an extra precaution or just not do it, but that isn’t reason to ban child labor. The government shouldn’t be responsible for telling citizens who can work.  The only reason there are children being exploited and paid small wages in certain companies is because it is illegal.  Employers should hire people based on qualifications, not  age.  Why does the prompt only say as young as fourteen?  If a 4 year old baby is able to work as a paperboy or what have you safely, why shouldn’t he be allowed to?


79 thoughts on “Should students as young as fourteen be allowed to hold jobs?

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  2. im 13 and mature for my age and my parents hardly ever let me buy anything. i could really use a job cause babysitting just wont cut it!!

  3. Hi to all! I am an international student in the US. Just I want to say. 13 years old is not the age to have a job, so it is the age to improve your education and think about your future. I think education is important more than to have a job.

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  4. I agree I am 14 and I am very mature for my age too and I would like a job an a little more responsibility, but no I can’t do that because I have to have working papers and all that other stuff and then theres the liability anymore and honestly the government is just stupid.

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