Should marijuana be legal for medicinal purposes?

Of course.  All drugs should be legalized and regulated.  Why should the government tell you how to treat your own body and mind?  Not only is morality in question, but prohibition simply doesn’t work.  That shouldn’t be THE reason why to stop the ban, but it gives a bit more incentive to legalize drugs.  Back when alcohol was banned, there didn’t stop being drunks.  Drunks just became criminals.  Prohibiting alcohol caused mobs, bootlegging, and the criminal activity that comes with mobs.  The war of drugs is expensive, it makes more criminals who wouldn’t be criminals otherwise, and utterly useless. Furthermore, in studies, marijuana has been shown to be less dangerous than already legal drugs such as alcohol.

Even if you disagree with legalizing drugs, how could you not let somebody that could use a drug for medical treatment?  I’m sure if painkillers such as vicodin or oxycodone are misused, they will have a worse effect than marijuana, yet they’re legal.  The reason is even though there could be negative side effects, when used in correct doses, these medications are useful in treating illnesses.


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