Republican party and 2012 Election

I recently read an article about two G.O.P presidential candidates, Rick Perry and Mitt Romney.  It starts with a quote by another fellow G.O.P. candidate Jon Huntsman Jr.  about how the Republican party is becoming the “anti-science party”.   It goes on to basically say Rick Perry is stupid and Mitt Romney isn’t quite as stupid but is too much of a pussy to tell voters his true beliefs.  I took this opportunity to take a look at all the presidential candidates planning to run in 2012.  I thought it was very surprising to find candidate such as Fred Karger.  Fred Karger is an openly Jewish and gay Republican.  At least he has the insight to run in the Independent party.  It’s also funny how there are somewhere around 15 candidates for the Republican spot, but there are only 2 candidates for the Democratic seat.  The only person besides Obama is a pro-life, anti LBGT, recently changed to the Democratic party in 2011 man who has been arrested 40 times.


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