Do groups that encourage nonconformity and disagreement function better than those that discourage it?

How do you define functioning better?  If it just means work together better, groups that conform obviously would have more similar ideas and come to conclusions unanimously.  Groups that encourage nonconformity would have the benefit of having mixed opinions and come to a conclusion, but that conclusion would probably be some mamby pamby compromised decision that doesn’t have much of an effect.  That doesn’t necessarily mean that decision’s worse than the conformed decision.  If a conforming group decides that all people with black hair should be killed, and  a nonconforming group argue and decide all people with black hair will only get their hair cut, obviously the nonconforming group has a better decision.  In the end it all comes down to the groups’ people’s intelligence and beliefs.  Whenever dealing with beliefs, you can’t accurately judge whether or not a belief is a good belief or not, because you are being influenced by your own beliefs which could be wrong, so how well a group functions really depends on the beliefs of the person judging them.


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