Many of today’s teachers aren’t very good at teaching.  The reasons I see are

1.  They don’t completely understand the material they are teaching.

2.  They can’t interest students into the material.

3.  They discourage questions.

4.  They don’t understand what problems the students are having or don’t address them.

5.  They don’t get the students’ respect.

If you’re going to be a teacher, you had better understand what you’re teaching.  If you don’t understand what you’re teaching, how can you expect the students to understand?  For example, my science teacher had a basic understanding  of physical science or whatever basic physics is called, but she really knew nothing about anything that slightly deviated from the course.  Many times when a question was asked, she said something to the tune of, “Well now you’re getting into the real complex stuff.  We’re just giving the basics.”  The problem with that was most questions weren’t even close to complex.  Also, why can’t you get into complex stuff.  If students don’t understand it there’s no harm done and there was no time constraint (at least at the moment).

Many students just aren’t interested in learning.  Even though I was in a gifted class filled with nerds, there was still people that just swallowed up information without thinking about and just memorizing it.  When people do that they don’t truly understand what their learning, and they can’t apply what they learn to future uses.

While most teachers say you should always ask questions, many teachers answer questions with ridicule or anger.  If a student still doesn’t understand something they just get angry and frustrated, which leads students to stop asking questions.

Let them eat cake and all.   Teachers often don’t understand the problems of students.  This partly has to do with the the lack of communication because of discouraging questions.  Some teachers don’t even address there is a problem simply by giving extra credit or making tests easier.  One reason might just be because they don’t care about children’s education and just about getting paid.

If students don’t respect a teacher, they won’t listen to him.  Although the respect of some smarmy adolescent is hardly something that’s worth working for, it is necessary to have if a teacher plans on teaching them something.  If a teacher is considered a bad teacher by the mob of children’s standards, nobody’s going to learn anything.  It’s not about the quality of teaching, but about how cool a teacher is.  Then again, who cares about people who are going to base teaching on how much fun they have.


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